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Dogs & Cats - CBD Isolate

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Where there are horses and ponies, there are sure to be barn cats and farms dogs close by. We think that these companions deserve to benefit from their own CBD product as well.

This product is made from CBD isolate, meaning the product has little to no flavor and contains 0% THC. This product contains 15mg of CBD per 1ml of product (i.e. 900mg of CBD for the 2oz size, and 45mg of CBD in the 3ml size)

Ingredients: MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil), Cannabidiol Isolate.  

Dosing instructions: This product can be mixed with your dog or cat's food or applied directly under the tongue once or twice a day with meals. Please follow the guidelines below and increase/decrease the dosage as needed:

Less than 15lbs: 3 drops (1.5mg) 

15-30lbs: 6 drops (3mg) 

30-60lbs: 10 drops (5mg) 

Over 60lbs: 20 drops (10mg)